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Fractional Chief of Staff

Gradum Consulting helps executives offload non-value add tasks to allow people to do what they should be doing in driving the future of their company.

Too many times executives get buried "in the weeds" that they cannot focus on developing the strategy.

We have worked with "Visionaries" who have a great product or service but do not want to "run the company" and we have worked with executives who, either through reorganization, or special project, have become over-burdened.

We will assess the executive's Zone of Genius (where they add the most value) and eliminate everything else to realize unlimited success.



Acquisition Integration & Systems Implementation

At Gradum Consulting we have over 20 years of acquisition integration experience.  We have done public company acquisitions, private equity acquisitions, and family-owned business exits.  Contact us to see if we can assist in your growth or exit needs.


Project Management

When a business has overflow or not enough resources to manage complex projects, Gradum Consulting serves as an expert resource to manage projects and ensure success in all aspects.

Our project management methodology and communication protocols ensure your project gets successfully completed on time and under budget.


Process Improvement

Do you know your revenue? How about your gross margin? Gradum Consulting works with small to mid-sized businesses to improve financial and IT processes and review costs to ensure all investments and implementations are being leveraged to gain maximum value.

Our mission is to provide executives the services required to position them for unlimited growth by ensuring their functions and processes are aligned while delivering access to an entire network of advisors.

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