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Accounting & Financial Services

Gradum Consulting helps to strengthen clients' financial IQ by offering fractional finance executive services to develop financial statements, analyze financial data and identify ways to optimize cash flow.


Acquisition Integration & Systems Implementation

When it comes to acquisition integration and systems implementation, Gradum Consulting offers project management services and brings an unmatched level of financial and IT knowledge and an incredible work ethic.


Internal Audits

Internal audits require a level of attention, detail and a thorough understanding of SOX that can only be found through experience and expert knowledge. Gradum Consulting offers this service and helps evaluate financials to ensure risks result in growth and financial reports remain compliant. 


Process Improvement

Do you know your revenue? How about your gross margin? Gradum Consulting works with small to mid-sized businesses to improve financial and IT processes and review costs to ensure all investments and implementations are being leveraged to gain maximum value.


Project Management

When a business has overflow or not enough resources to manage complex finance and IT projects, Gradum Consulting serves as an expert resource to manage projects and ensure success in all aspects.

Gradum Consulting offers financial operations support and IT solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. We help create more efficient processes, provide fractional financial executive services, and help manage large projects. We specialize in acquisition integration and systems implementation and work with companies to evaluate their financials and streamline processes for maximum value.

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